Developers can now simplify payments in UWP apps with the Payment Request API

Laurent Giret

Windows Store

Back in December, Microsoft announced the Payment Request API preview for Microsoft Edge, which enables simpler checkouts and payments on the web on Windows 10 PCs and Phones. The same API is now available to use by UWP app developers, and the company hopes that it can improve the e-commerce shopping experience for Windows 10 users.

“This API provides an integrated solution for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps to bypass the complicated process of requiring a user to input payment information and select shipping methods,” explained the company in a blog post. For consumers, this means that they can easily go through the checkout process in UWP apps by using payment options and shipping addresses already stored in their Microsoft account.

The API will simplify Payments in UWP apps by using payment options already saved with your Microsoft account.

For now, the Payment Request API will be only available to use by US-based businesses for US-region transactions, but the company says that support for other regions will be added at a later date. The API is currently availble for testing with the OS build and SDK version 15003, and developers can check the Windows Dev Center to learn how to implement it in their apps.