Despite conflicting measurements, Windows 10 finds itself gaining 50 percent marketshare

Kareem Anderson

In the lead up to a rather significant milestone for Microsoft’s latest desktop offering, there have been some conflicting reports about exactly when Windows 10 crossed the 50 percent market share marker. A report out of NetApplications today has the latest OS tipping the 50 percent line sometime around the end of August with Microsoft’s operating system grabbing 51 percent of all desktop operating systems available in the market, however, numbers from StatCounter marked Windows 10’s 50 percent milestone back in September of 2018.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Windows Version Market Share

Obviously, the two rating firms are using very different numbers to come to their conclusions with NetApplications measuring 160 million unique visitors to its 40,000 million partner websites and StatCounter measuring sheer volume with 15 billion page views each month. Regardless of StatCounter and NetApplications analytics, it seems the growing consensus is that through sheer inertia, Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is finally on its way to hitting its tipping point in both the consumer and enterprise markets.

Even better news for Microsoft is that Windows 7 usage is finally subsiding and businesses that clung to the older OS with death clutches are either adopting Windows 10 or at the very least transitioning their workflow to more cloud-based structures where Microsoft also holds a significant stake.