Demand for TM story Frameworx Conformance Certification Soars


Major Oracle suite achieves Frameworx Conformance Certified Product status while Individual Practitioner Certifications grow by 600%

MORRISTOWN, NJ—October 12, 2010—Communications Service Provider demand for supplier conformance to [url=]TM Forum‘s Frameworx[/url], the standardized Enterprise IT & Process architecture, continues to accelerate at unprecedented rates, [url=]TM Forum[/url] announced today.

Within the past 12 months, demand for individual practitioner certification has increased by 600%, with more than 1,200 individuals worldwide now certified in one or more components of the Frameworx standard. Meanwhile, demand for Frameworx Conformance Certified Product status, introduced earlier this year, continues to increase as communications service providers move to expect adherence to the Frameworx standard by default.

The latest company to achieve Frameworx Conformance Certified Product status is Oracle with its Communications Data Model (OCDM), a standards-based data model designed and pre-tuned for Oracle data warehouses. Now certified conformant to TM Forum’s Information Framework (SID), one of the core components of TM Forum’s Frameworx, OCDM enables service providers to jump-start the design and implementation of their data warehouse and business intelligence projects in order to achieve a positive ROI much more quickly.

TM Forum’s Frameworx provides a blueprint for enterprise IT & processes for service providers, enabling all parts of the value chain to reduce risk, dramatically lower integration costs, and reduce time-to-market. Frameworx expands and integrates the Forum’s mature and successful NGOSS standards including Business Process (eTOM), Information (SID), and Application (TAM) Frameworks into an ITIL-aligned, full enterprise IT and process architecture.

Frameworx Conformant Product Certification allows service providers and suppliers to gain an independent assessment of a product’s conformance to the Frameworx standard. Independent certification by TM Forum offers the service provider community significant reassurance over future interoperability, as well as simplifying and reducing the cost of procurement.

Key Facts:

– TM Forum Frameworx Conformance Certification enables service providers and suppliers to gain an independent assessment of their conformance to Frameworx, the communications industry’s only integrated business and IT architecture.
– Oracle, Huawei, ZTEsoft, Nokia Siemens Networks, ConceptWave, Amdocs, and Tribold have received Frameworx Product Conformance Certifications since the program was launched in May 2010
– More than 1,200 individual are now TM Forum certified practitioners in one or more of the Frameworx components, a 600% increase from 2009
– TM Forum Frameworx is the result of extensive collaboration by the Forum’s 750-strong corporate membership through TM Forum’s collaborative R&D programs. – Frameworx has been widely adopted by the global communications industry, and increasingly financial services and other verticals.
– Frameworx provides end-to-end service management by integrating common business processes, enterprise information, and applications into one unified solution.
– Frameworx allows IT departments to realize ITIL compliant implementations through the Business Process Framework (eTOM), which is now fully mapped to ITIL.

“The increasing demand for Frameworx Conformant Product Certification once again illustrates the service provider demand for standards-based, and therefore, cost-effective and flexible solutions. With TM Forum Frameworx becoming a standard requirement of service providers for their operations and IT architecture, the ability to prove conformance to these standards is vital to the future of their business and will set suppliers apart from their competition.” Keith Willetts, Chairman & CEO, TM Forum


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