Deal: Microsoft’s Surface Duo drops below $800 on the Microsoft Store until July 1

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Surface Duo Review Featured Image

Microsoft is currently offering big discounts on its dual-screen Surface Duo Android phone, which you can now get for less than $800 on the Microsoft Store (via Aggiornamenti Lumia). For a limited time, the 128GB Surface Duo can be yours for just $741.99, and the 256GB version is just $50 more at $791.99.

The limited-time discounts will be available throughout July 1, which should leave Surface fans plenty of time to get on the Surface Duo bandwagon. Overall, a sub-$800 price is much more reasonable than the $1400 launch price in Fall 2020, which made the Duo out of reach for most dual-screen devices early enthusiasts.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo remains a really interesting device that can be great for productivity scenarios, though it has some notable shortcomings including a lackluster front-facing camera. Despite regular updates, the software is also a bit rough around the edges and the Duo is also still running the outdated Android 10 OS released in 2019.

After making the Surface Duo available in more countries earlier this year, the Redmond giant is expected to release a successor with a better camera system and more recent components. Dual-screen devices remain pretty niche despite increasing interest from Samsung, Motorola, or Huawei, but we hope Microsoft is in it for the long run after failing to change make a dent in the smartphone market with Windows Phone.