Dead phone platform recap: prototype Windows 10 Mobile Lumia 950s included gesture support, and more on the Lumia 960

Jonny Caldwell

Windows 10 Mobile on Lumia 950

It appears Microsoft was once working on enhanced gestures for early prototypes of the Lumia 950. According to Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, the gestures can be turned on or off via the Touch and Gestures app and enables users to perform many functions based on the gesture they perform.

For example, a user could answer and incoming call by merely placing the phone to the ear or end the call by putting the phone in their pockets. There are several additional possible gestures, including:

  • Flipping the phone over to ignore incoming calls or dismiss alarms.
  • Placing a phone on the table to activate the speakerphone.
  • Waking up the phone by lifting it from a surface.
  • Automatically turning on or off auto-rotate depending on how you’re using the phone.
  • Activating Cortana privately through the earpiece by holding the device to the ear.

While these new features never officially saw the light of day on the Lumia 950, it’s likely they might have appeared on the leaked 960 handsets that saw new images leak today (via Windows Latest), however Microsoft decided not to release the handsets to the public. Moreover, due to its poor marketshare, the company later ceased feature development of Windows 10 Mobile and canceled its plans for a new phone to focus its efforts on iOS and Android though newer apps like Edge and Microsoft Launcher.

New images of the Lumia 960, via Windows Latest.

In any case, these are some interesting gestures that could have potentially greatly improved the user’s experience. Of course, that’s for you to decide in the comment box below.