DALL-E 3 Image Creator now available on SwiftKey Android and WhatsApp

Priya Walia

The DALL-E 3 Image Creator, which has recently become available to a select group of users, is now seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard and even works within WhatsApp.

According to reports from Windows Latest, the feature was rolled out on September 12, but not everyone has been granted access to DALL-E 3 just yet. The implementation also extends to the image creator feature within SwiftKey for Android. So, even if you can’t access DALL-E 3, you can still use the image creator powered by the slightly less capable DALL-E 2.

Using Bing Image Creator with DALL-E on Android is a straightforward process. To get started, you’ll need to download the SwiftKey Keyboard app from the Play Store and follow the simple on-screen instructions, which include enabling SwiftKey and adjusting the default keyboard settings.
Once you have everything properly set up, using Bing Chat Image Creator on Android is a breeze.

First, click on the Emoji icon, then select the art icon. Afterward, type in a prompt, which serves as a description of the artwork you wish to generate using Bing. Hit enter, and SwiftKey will instantly generate DALL-E images within the keyboard.

Now, here’s the exciting part – you can easily share these generated images with your contacts, groups, or channels on messaging apps like WhatsApp. Open the text field in WhatsApp or any similar app, click on the Emoji icon in SwiftKey, and select the artwork icon labeled “Bing Creator.” Sign in to your Microsoft account, type in the prompt, and hit enter. Once the image is generated, you can select and share it effortlessly.

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