Cyber Dust app no longer supports Windows 10 Mobile

Michael Cottuli


Cyber Dust came out on the Windows Store back in December of 2014, offering users a Snapchat-like feature that terminated instant messages shortly after they were read. While the app was interesting and its concept was something that surely had demand, it seems like Cyber Dust may not have done as well in the Windows Store as the developers might have hoped. According to tipsters that reached out to Windows Central, Cyber Dust may no longer be supported for users on Windows 10 Mobile.

While Cyber Dust is still available on the Windows Store and works for users on Windows Phone, the app isn’t functioning for some users on Windows 10 Mobile. When Windows Central’s two tipsters reached out to see what was happening, they both received the same canned response.

Hello, Thank you for reaching out, as of this week Cyber Dust may not be compatible with your Windows device any longer. Your account will remain intact if you wish to use Cyber Dust on another compatible device or operating system. Please let us know if you have any questions. Regards, The Cyber Dust Team.

While it isn’t impossible that the Cyber Dust team is planning to release a new-and-improved Windows 10 Mobile version of its app soon, that response seems like it’s completely cutting off support for Windows 10 Mobile users. We won’t know anything for certain until the Cyber Dust team comes out and makes an official statement about its future with Windows 10 Mobile – assuming they ever do – but at this point, it wouldn’t be unfair to assume that the app won’t be making a comeback.

Cyber Dust
Cyber Dust
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