Cut through the hassle: now displays the lyrics of your favorite songs


Cut the hassle, now displays the entire lyrics of the song

Microsoft’s search engine offers a plethora of features. It predicts who is going to win in a competition, helps you convert regular currency into bitcoins, and now it will also help you with the lyrics of your favorite songs.

Up until now, on – and on every other search engine – any query regarding a song’s lyrics were answered with results to links of third party websites. But Bing is now changing that. Users can now type in the song’s name, followed by the keyword “lyrics” (without the quotes), and Bing will display a snippet of the lyrics.

While the company hasn’t explicitly mentioned it, a partnership has taken place with LyricFind for fetching the lyrics of the songs. According to a press release on its blog, this feature has been available in the US for quite sometime now. In 2010, the software technology giant had inked a deal with LyricFind to do exactly the same. “With “lyrics” the most popular search term online, Bing recognized the value in creating a reliable result set for this massively popular query.”