Custom pens, multi-window support, and more come to the standard OneNote app on Windows 10

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft is rolling out the July update to the standard non-insider version of the OneNote app for Windows 10. The update is bringing support for custom pens, multi-window support, and more to the experience of the digital note taking app. It’s a gradual rollout and not everyone will see the update right away, but here is what you need to know.

What’s new in OneNote for Windows 10:

  • Multitasking made easy: On the View tab, choose New Window, or use Ctrl+M, to open a new instance of OneNote. Now you can see a bunch of notes at the same time. Multitasking has never been easier!
  • Customize your pens: Choose a personal set of pens, highlighters, and pencils for inking. On the Draw menu, choose the plus sign (+) beside the pens, and choose the type of pen, width, and ink color. Your new custom pen will be added to your drawing toolbar ready for your next masterpiece.
  • Improve reading with the Immersive Reader:  It has been designed to help you improve your reading skills by boosting your ability to pronounce words correctly, to read quickly and accurately, and to understand what you read. On the View menu, choose Immersive Reader, and choose your Text options, Parts of speech, Voice options, or have the text read aloud

If you’re not already using the OneNote app on your Windows 10 device (or are using the OneNote 2016 desktop application instead) you can check out the app via the link below. You also can learn more about the differences between the OneNote Windows Store application and the OneNote desktop application by clicking here.