Curious about Surface Duo? Sign up for a live virtual demo session with Microsoft

Arif Bacchus

Surface Duo With Hands

If you’re curious about the Surface Duo and want to learn more about it before buying or pre-ordering one, Microsoft has you covered. While the company recently shut down its retail stores for good, it is now hosting some virtual live demos where you can learn more about the upcoming dual-screen phone or ask an associate questions about it through a live chat (via Windows Central.)

These virtual demos will run through the end of August and happen multiple times of the day and the work week. There are sessions during the day at around 2 PM and 3 PM ET and in the late evening at 8 PM and 9 PM. The sessions will be 30-minutes long and, according to Microsoft, will give a look at how “Surface Duo offers a new way to get things done.” Microsoft will also apparently showcase Surface Duo features like spanning apps across two screens and using different device modes.

If you’re interested in attending these demos, you can sign up by clicking here. These sessions are free to attend, and all you need to do is provide an email and a name, and sign a consent form. Once you’re confirmed, you will be emailed a link and you can join the session via Microsoft Teams.

As a reminder, the Surface Duo is currently only exclusive to the US. It will be shipping on September 10, and you can pre-order it here. Since the launch is only about two and a half weeks away, attending these sessions is a nice way to see what you’d experience once your own Surface Duo arrives.

We’ll be attending the 2:00 PM ET session, today, August 21, and will update this article with a note on how the experience went.