CSS-based vulnerability freezes Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and forces iPhone to restart

Jack Wilkinson

microsoft, edge windows 10 isos

A CSS-based vulnerability has been discovered that can have dramatic effects on popular web browsers, including Microsoft’s Edge and Internet Explorer browsers, in addition to Apple’s Safari. Even worse, it can cause a full restart on iPhones.

Discovered by security researcher Sabri Haddouche, a simple bit of CSS causes iPhones to restart, which could be a huge inconvenience to users. What’s more, Neowin has discovered that the issue affects Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, in which it causes a temporary freeze, despite original reports suggesting it only affects WebKit-based browsers. Google Chrome is unaffected by the issue, instead loading the page as expected.

You can test the vulnerability yourself by using the link in the below tweet, if you’re that daring:

No fix is currently available for the affected platforms.