CSI: Slots released for solving crimes on Windows phones

Mark Coppock

If you’re a fan of slot machine gaming, detective shows, or CSI specifically, then Gameloft might have just the app for you. The developer released CSI: Slots for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile users, and it looks like a good bit of fun.
Here’s what’s featured:

  • Play your way through action-packed CSI slots adventures, and strike it rich in Las Vegas!
  • Spin the reels to interrogate the suspect and progress through mystery cases. Strike it rich alongside your favorite Crime Scene Investigators like Julie Finlay and more.
  • Sin never sleeps in Vegas. Experience interactive crime stories written by CSI writers.
  • Enjoy high-action casino-style bonus games, explore mystery crime scenes, and find the evidence.
  • A variety of casino slots games to choose from; amass a fortune while exploring new thematic free slots.

CSI:Slots gameplay.
CSI:Slots gameplay.

CSI: Slots story mode.
CSI: Slots story mode.

It’s a free game, with in-game purchases (natch). If it sounds like your kind of thing head over to the Windows Store and get your download on.