Crowdsourced Windows 10 2-in-1 Pyramid Flipper gets the reddit AMA treatment, to be called the Computer One

Mark Coppock

Pyramid Flipper Featured

One of the more fascinating Windows 10 2-in-1 devices to be developed this year is the Pyramid Flipper by Eve Technology. In addition to having an interesting name, the Pyramid Flipper’s design has been entirely crowdsourced, with its various features and specifications determined by input from a community created and nurture for that purpose.

Eve Technology is close to releasing the machine, to be officially named the Eve Computer One, with an initial run of 500 units to be sold on Indiegogo in September. Today, the team behind the Pyramid Flipper’s design went on reddit and hosted an AMA session discussing the new device.

Eve Computer One.

Here are a few highlights. Questions were asked by various reddit users, and a variety of Eve Technology staff members provided the answers.

Question: “Sell me on your product. Why should I buy from you instead of them?”

There are many many reasons why you should buy from us.

Depending on what you appreciate in a brand there may also be some reasons why you should not buy our product.

The thing to keep in mind is that not me (Mike), or Konstantinos made the decisions on our own. Each decision was made by hundreds of people. All of these people – our community – are tech enthusiasts who took the development of this product very seriously, putting in a lot of hours.

One could say no product has ever gone through more thinking process than Computer One (under codename: Pyramid Flipper).

This has led to many advantages over its competitors.

We are proud to claim that the Computer One will have the best-in-class battery life, best in class keyboard & track pad (that also works wirelessly), trackpad, it also has a very high quality display, that is optically bonded with latest corning gorilla glass. It also ships with the latest Intel Core CPU (7th gen Kaby Lake) and it houses two full size USB 3.1 port & two USB-C ports, of which the other is Thunderbolt3.

These are only a few of the things that make it special as every detail has gone over tremendous scrutiny (by us, and by the community).

OK sounds expensive, right? It is, for us.


We sell the device direct to consumers, online only. That’s why, when you learn about the price, you’ll be positively surprised.

TLDR; you can’t get better deal anywhere.

Question: “Ballpark price range?”

We can’t really give the exact price as it’s pretty stunning (I was stunned when /u/migelangelo told me), but the base-model will be below 1000€ with tax (or 900$ without) and the best model will be below 2000€ with tax (or 1800$ without).
And that doesn’t mean the base-model is 900$, it will be lower than that. 🙂

Question: “Are you considering. gorilla glass 5 ?”

we will have it! but not only that. Eve Computer One will be the cagegory only sunlight readable device, since we will apply a special anti reflection coating on the surface of the glass 😉

Of course you will find the anti-dirt coating in it as well. So its easy to clean too! 🙂

Question: “Why did you choose to go with the surface-like kickstand format, as opposed to a surfacebook-like format where the keyboard and the device form a laptop and no kickstand is needed, enabling easier and more comfortable use on your lap or other softer surfaces?”

Thanks for pitching in. Actually majority of the design decisions have been made by not only us, but by hundreds of other people in our community. This device is crowd-developed 🙂

There was a big discussion about the form factor in our community, feel free to read about how the community chose kickstand:

There were additional reasons;

With a kick stand users are able to enjoy our 12 hour battery life by using the tablet only. In SurfaceBook 3/4 of battery life is in the keyboard.

Eve Computer One has a wireless keyboard, so actually it is much more versatile than any other form factor. Wireless keyboard + kickstand is just a killer combo! You don’t need to put anything else than the keyboard on your lap, place the device on any surface or position elsewhere (easier on your neck too).

Making Computer One SurfaceBook style would have tremendously increased the weight of the device.
VS. Tab Pro S we have dynamic adjustable angles, where TPS only has 2 different viewing angles. I could not accept that as an user..

That being said, we don’t lock out the option of producing such a form factor (surface book) in the near future.

There’s much more conversation at reddit. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Computer One, then be sure to keep your eyes open for the Indiegogo listing. Until then, be sure to check out the reddit AMA and let us know in the comments what you think about this innovative Windows 10 machine.