Critically acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest turned a profit in only one week

Fahad Al-Riyami

Critically acclaimed Ori and Blind Forest tuned a profit in only one week

Highly anticipated mystical adventure game Ori and Blind Forest launched last month and became an instant hit. It captivated with a brilliant combination of an emotional storyline, drop dead gorgeous graphics, and an epic soundtrack. Knowing that, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the game became profitable only a week after launch.

Thomas Mahler, Moon Studios CEO took to NeoGaf to confirm that a result of the game turning a profit, Microsoft is “super happy”, and hinted at possible sequels to Ori and the Blind Forest. Mahler and co will really have to outdo themselves if they want to replicate this games’ success.

If you haven’t tried out Ori and Blind Forest yet, you should. Having played a lot of games over the years, from a range of different genres, I have to say that Ori and the Blind Forest is in a class of its own. It sets a new standard. You can download it now for $19.99 for the Xbox One and PC over at the download links below.