Create a free Azure account today, get a $200 credit

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft’s future is arguably in the clouds. Waning are the day’s people line outside of stores for annual big box software releases of windows and seemingly gone are the day’s people discuss Windows phone with even a modicum of optimistic curiosity.

However, investors, industry observers and businesses alike seem fairly interested in what Microsoft can muster when it comes to cloud services such as its Azure suite of solutions.

Perhaps, looking to cash in on the public and commercial interest being tossed Azure’s way, Microsoft is offering up free accounts with $200 worth of credit towards Azure services.

For what presumably is a limited time offer, customers interested in Azure, can take the service for a spin and on test out the various cloud-based services it has to offer, on Microsoft’s dime.

Azure Credits
Azure Credits

To test out services such as Visual Studio Application Insights, Azure Machine Learning or Azure IoT Hub, head over to the Microsoft Azure blog to get started with $200 worth of credit and a free Azure account today.