The Countdown to Windows 8: 14 weeks to go

Zac Bowden

October 26th 2012 is the date you need to remember, Windows 8 is launching on that day, and with only 14 weeks to go, we need to begin counting down. Each week from now until the launch on Windows 8, we will be summarizing all the top Windows 8 news stories of the week in one big countdown post. Let’s get started!

As we write this, there are exactly 14 weeks to go until Windows 8 (98 days to be specific). Starting today, we will be creating a big countdown post that will be a huge archive to all the top Windows 8 news within the week, we may even throw in a snippet of our own thoughts on one or two of the stories.

Week 1 (July 12 to 19) – Top Stories:

Windows 8 reaches 8513, RTM getting ever so closer
Microsoft to drop retail version of Windows 8, offer OEM and Upgrade only?
Screenshot of mew ‘Wedge Mobile’ keyboard for Windows 8 leaked
Microsoft improves touch Narrator in Windows 8 to make interactions even easier
It’s official, Windows 8 is coming on October 26th 2012

Our thoughts:

This week, we’re giving out our thoughts on how Microsoft may drop the retail version of Windows 8 for OEM and Upgrade version. We don’t think it’s a good idea, many people only purchase Windows for the retail version, not even thinking about the other distribution methods. The retail version of Windows isn’t doing anyone harm, everyone knows what it’s like getting a new PC and seeing all the bloat ware on it. It makes you wish you purchases a retail version instead, as it is all clean and free of horrible programs that you will never use anyway.

So, there’s our top stories for week 1 of “The Countdown to Windows 8.” What are your thoughts on these stories, leave them in the comments below! Remember, you can follow all our Windows 8 news here if this week isn’t enough for you. Check back next week for another countdown post!

Countdown ends in GMT-7 time.