The Countdown to Windows 8: 13 weeks to go

Zac Bowden

So, only 13 weeks (91 days) until Windows 8 launches on shelves. Are you excited? We are! This week, we saw some very interesting rumours and news, some included leaks, others included speculation. Either way, it’s all here.

Week 2 (July 19 – July 26) – Top Stories

Microsoft to hold an event like BUILD this year?
New Windows 8 RTM information and screenshots leak, RTM is almost completed
Paid apps coming to Windows Store over the next few days, preparing for RTM in August
More Windows 8 RTM screenshots hit the web
Windows 8 RTM to be completed within days, possible weekend leak?
Final Windows 8 RTM build number to be 8888?
Has Microsoft RTM’ed Windows 8 at build 8888?
Default Windows 8 RTM wallpaper leaked, get your download here

So that’s all our top stories for week 2 of The Countdown to Windows 8. What was your favourite story? Leave your thoughts in the comments area below!

We’ll see you next week for another Countdown to Windows 8.

Countdown ends in GMT-7 time.