Couldn’t get a Windows Ugly Sweater? Microsoft is working to restock more, soon

Arif Bacchus

Windows Ugly Sweater

A couple of days ago Microsoft announced that it would sell the Windows Ugly Sweater on the Xbox Gear Store, to help benefit Girls Who Code. Unfortunately, as many of you told us, the sweaters sold out pretty quickly. Well, Microsoft has provided an update and says they’re working to restock, with more coming soon.

According to Microsoft, if you’re hoping to buy one of the sweaters right now, it’s best to sign up for alerts on any of the pages for the sweaters. Just enter your email address, and you’ll get an email when they are back in stock. Once available you’ll have your chance to checkout, with Microsoft still donating $20.00 from your purchase to Girls Who Code.

We’re hoping that Microsoft can restock soon, as the sweaters are pretty cool. This year’s Ugly Sweater is an ode to Microsoft Paint, and the last two were themed to Windows XP and Windows 95. In the meantime, you can download some cool Microsoft paint backgrounds for your Skype, Teams, or Zoom calls, too.