Could Windows 8.1 Update 1 be called “Windows Feature Pack”?


Could Windows 8.1 Update 1 be called "Windows Feature Pack"?

It’s a rumor that brings to mind the days of Microsoft Plus! The word on the street at the moment suggests that the upcoming Update for Windows 8.1 might be known as something other than Update 1. The release is now just a month away, and it may even have gone gold already. But for anyone who feels that Update 1 is a bit of a bland name, there could be some good news.

Chinese website ITHome is suggesting that update could be known as Windows Feature Pack. If true, this would make the update stand apart from the traditional service pack, and makes it abundantly clear that it is bringing more to the desktop.

The site features a number of screenshots from the update including a grab from the installation process that makes reference to Windows Feature Pack as well as the update number KB2932046. If the name change is real, pedants could be irked by the lack of apostrophe (although it could be argued it’s not necessary), but we’ll have to wait until release day to see if this is genuine.

While there is still no official word from Microsoft, it is widely expected that Update 1 — or Windows Feature Pack — will be available for download on 8 April.

Thanks for sending this in, Alan and anon!