Could this FCC filing from Microsoft be pointing to “the Surface Studio 3”?

Kevin Okemwa

Surface Studio

Microsoft sent out evites for its Surface hardware event, confirming that it is set to take place on October, on the 12th. It usually launches new Surface devices during this showcase. Perhaps it is during this event that we will actually get to see the recent Intel variant of the Surface Pro X. We already have a ‘rough’ idea of what to expect of the latter entry as far as specifications are concerned.

And now, an FCC filing submitted by Microsoft has surfaced online which points to a new Surface Studio 3 entry. However, the filing does not specify which device the details belong to. All we can deduce from the FCC filing is that it belongs to a desktop computer with an Intel processor under the hood. This automatically cancels out the speculation that this could be an FCC filing for Microsoft’s Project Volterra announced during Microsoft Build 2022, which is ARM-powered.

As for now, we will just have to wait till Microsoft’s showcase event to find out which devices will feature in their lineup this year. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.