Could Panos Panay be teasing a new Surface? Blurred PC spotted in his latest Instagram photo

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Surface chief Panos Panay has been known for being “pumped” teasing new Surface devices, and even Windows. But we might have just gotten our first Panos tease for what Microsoft has in store this fall.

In a new post on his Instagram, we spotted what looks to be a blurred-out computer, almost in the shape of a Surface, sitting on a desk. Other than that, two of the photos have been carefully positioned and taken to hide what he looks to be holding in his hands. Panay also remarks “what a Monday,” in the caption, suggesting he was working on something fun or has been busy.

The blurred computer we are referencing can first be seen in the first of a series of three photos in the post above. If you zoom in and look to the very far left of the screen in the first photo, you can see that Panay (or the person that runs his account) went to the trouble of blurring out a PC or computer sitting under a monitor on the desk. The same computer on the same desk can also be seen blurred in the second photo. And finally, in the third series of photos, the object has been blurred once again.

As for parts of the photos that aren’t blurred, the first photo was taken at an angle so that the camera lights hide Panos Pany’s hands. The third photo, meanwhile, was taken from behind, so you can’t see what Panay has in front of him at all.

Panay is definitely playing with something here. We’re uncertain what the object can be, and are just assuming it’s an unreleased Microsoft product of a Surface of sorts since the extra measure was taken to hide it. Again, it’s just a rumor. But given the caption “what a Monday and quick photo shoot,” we can’t help but speculate it might be a new Surface that was involved in the photoshoot. There are a lot of other Microsoft employees in the room with him though, so this adds to doubts that it is something top secret.

Mention of Chief Scientist at Microsoft Steven Bathiche suggests whatever was being photographed could be something quite powerful, too. As insiders would know, he is involved in many great Microsoft projects. According to Microsoft’s website, Bathinche has been “shipping and inventing new Microsoft devices, interfaces, and experiences since 1999, from conceptualizing the original Surface table in 2001.” So, there’s that, too.

Who knows, though, this could be a tease for an existing thing like Project Volterra which Microsoft said would be coming this summer. It also could be that the blurred object had sensitive information on it, and Microsoft wanted Panay to hide it. With rumors pointing to possible new Surface devices coming at Ignite in October, you never know. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.