Could new a new Lumia feature a front-facing flash?

Sean Cameron

Lumia 1520

As anyone who follows the world of mobile technology might know, when it comes to tipsters there are few more reliable than Mr. Evan Blass, otherwise known as ‘evleaks’. Having broken a number of interesting rumors over the past years, he has built up a strong reputation with the tech press, generally when he speaks, people listen.

As such, a recent tweet of his has begun to build steam as a rumor, one that will no doubt be interesting for some: could a new Lumia device feature a front-facing flash? That is to say, could a successor device to the selfie-oriented Lumia 730/5 go one step further in the quest for self-portrait perfection?

In addition to the general reliability of evleaks, there is another factor that points towards the rumor having some weight. 2015, so far, has proven to be the year of the selfie, with selfie and belfie sticks abounding. Many cheaper devices from the likes of China are now arriving on western shores complete with wide-angle 8MP shooters, complete with a front-facing flash. Other manufacturers have been quick to catch up with the trend, with the 0.9MP selfie snapper now all but extinct in high-end devices. Were Microsoft to manufacture such a device, it would be in-keeping with the likes of Sony with its selfie-focused Xperia C3 smartphone.

Would you like to see a front-facing flash on future Lumia devices? Let us know in the comments below.