Could Microsoft be releasing a modern IntelliMouse?

Michael Cottuli


Remember the IntelliMouse? This line of mice pretty much dropped off of the face of the planet 5 years ago, but there’s a very good chance that Microsoft is bringing it back. A Tweet from Twitter user “Olly Crips” has shown off a screenshot of a product called the “Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse.” Supposedly, this callback to the original brand of mice will stick to most of the original’s design elements and have a DPI range going up to 3200.

We don’t know anything about this, beyond what you see here. Just a hint that Microsoft may be making a cheeky comeback to a forgotten line of peripherals. If you were a fan of the old IntelliMouse, though, this may be something you’ll be interested in picking up. If any more news drops – like an official announcement – we’ll keep you posted.