Could ex-Mixer superstar Ninja be moving to YouTube Gaming?

Kareem Anderson

As Mixer fans hop on life rafts and swim to friendlier streaming platforms, what becomes of the figurative captains of the sinking S.S. Mixer such as Ninja and Shroud remains an unanswered question at the moment. However, a few leaks from the Ninja camp have the streaming giant possibly lining up a path to YouTube Gaming as his next home.

Earlier this week, Jessica Blevins, wife to Tyler Blevins otherwise known Ninja, teased that fans of the streamer could expect some sort of news this week.

Following Blevins tweet less than 24 hours later, Twitter user @HYPEX noticed a scheduled test stream from Ninja’s YouTube Gaming account. The stream was ultimately taken offline, and there has been nothing official coming from the Ninja camp regarding the streamers next platform of choice.


However, with Ninja’s contract with Mixer over and his career in the lurch, it almost seems like a no brainer that the streamer would make YouTube Gaming his new home instead of the relative golden parachute Microsoft and Facebook Gaming are offering. With 23 million followers already on his YouTube channel, and the platform being home to many videos highlighting his streaming exploits, Ninja may find the transition from Mixer to YouTube Gaming a much easier move than to Facebook Gaming or his even his old home at Twitch given the way the two left things.