Could Bing Overtake Google in 2012?


As we already know, Google is the king of the search engines. But recent data suggests that Microsoft’s Bing search engine is on a path to collide with Google’s search engine in the near future, possibly overtaking and becoming the new king of the search engine arena.

As Mashable reports, Google continues to lead in the United States as the number one search engine (responsible for 64.42% of searches as of March 2011). However, within the last six months, Microsoft’s Bing search engine has been increasing at a high rate (accounting for 30% of searches as of March 2011). If the trend continues, Bing might become a real threat to Google and possible come out on top.

Back in September of 2010, Google was responsible for 72.15% of the U.S. search market while Bing was responsible for 23.64%.

Mashable has an infographic depicting Google’s drop and Bing’s gain:

Now, hypothetically speaking, what if Google continued to drop while Bing continued to increase? Mashable has another infographic that depicts what might happen:

One thing to note is that while the last infographic is a depiction of what might happen, the truth is that Bing has been increasing its popularity in the search engine arena. Google better watch out because their days are numbered.