Could 3 new Huawei MateBooks be on the way soon?

Michael Cottuli

While most of us that are in the market for a new laptop probably have our eyes set on a Surface product, there’s still some third party hardware out there that’s worth taking a good look at. Enter Huawei’s MateBook, a line of laptops that’s had a fair amount of success in the past.

The MateBook line could very well be getting a substantive new addition in the near future, according to Twitter leaker Evan Blass.

The MateBook E, from the look of things, is the only one that’s going to be bringing the two-in-one detachable design to the Matebook line of products this time around. For now, all we have are these few images – we’ll have to wait to see what kind of hardware is running in the background. Keep an eye out on Evan’s Twitter for any more leaks on the subject.