Could 14960 be the next Windows 10 Insiders Fast Ring build?

Dennis Bednarz

WIndows 10 Mobile Windows Insider Build 10586.71

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The Windows Insider program has happily enjoyed new builds for both Mobile, PC, and Xbox devices for a while now, and it’s far from a secret that another build will get released soon. Some may find it interesting what the exact build number might be to at least try to predict the progress made in these.

The latest info revealed by a dependable source called the “Core Insider Program” on Twitter states that the former release candidate was 14959 and that the next build may be 14960 instead:

The tweets basically say that the last candidate, 15959, was skipped because of some issues that weren’t revealed, and because of the jump in the build number, build 14960 needs to be tested before it gets released.

According to BuildFeed, 14960 was compiled on the 28th of October which means it had a few days for Q&A testing and it may get released to Fast Ring Insiders any day if there aren’t any major bugs discovered.

Now, we just need to wait for Dona Sarkar to give us a hint about a possible build, wait a few minutes, and then update our devices. We will cover the new build, as usual, and so make sure to check back often.