Coship’s Windows 10 Mobile crowdfunding effort tanks due to weak interest

Michael Cottuli

Coship moly pcphone w6

Coship, a Windows 10 Mobile developer who has made several phones under the “Moly” brand, seems to have hit a roadblock when it comes to the future of their Windows 10 Mobile handsets. Like many people, the company has recently been faced with a number of concerns regarding whether or not Windows 10 Mobile is really worth investing in anymore. Recent numbers indicate that the Windows 10 Mobile market share is extremely tiny, making it questionable for anyone to really dump any money into making more phones.

Coship’s answer to Windows 10 Mobile’s dwindling numbers? Try crowdfunding their next phone. The company put up an IndieGoGo campaign to try and crowdfund its next “Moly” phone, aiming for $100,000 dollars. Assuming this crowdfunding effort went anywhere, Coship’s concerns about Windows 10 Mobile might have been eased.

The crowdfunding effort, in fact, went absolutely nowhere. The IndieGoGo ended today, bringing Coship’s crowdfunding dreams to a screeching halt with only just 30 backers, and $2,569 raised. For those counting at home, that’s only about 2.6% of Coship’s goal to keep the Moly brand afloat.

You can check the now-closed IndieGoGo campaign’s page if you want to see what the phone-to-be would have shaped up to be, and you can also see some of the rewards you might have gotten if you decided you wanted to commit to this phone. It’s going to be interesting to see just how Coship is going to end up interpreting this IndieGoGo campaign – does this mean they’re going to drop the Moly brand? Or was the whole thing meaningless after all? Only time will tell.