Cortana will help you take care of your travel schedule

Hammad Saleem

Cortana will help you take care of your travel schedule

Microsoft is continuously improving Cortana, the digital personal assistant on Windows Phone which is also available on Windows 10 preview as well. For those of you who frequently travels, domestically and internationally, Cortana makes it even better to keep track of all your flights and traveling schedules

As soon as you get your flight schedule in the email, Cortana takes note of it and asks you if you need help in tracking the trip. If the answer is yes, the personal assistant will note the flight details in the Notebook and will help you to find all the relevant details about the trip from a single dashboard. You can also ask Cortana to show your flights information by saying “show me my flights” or “show me my trips”. 

It gets even better. Just one day before the flight, Cortana will let you know when the check-ins will open as well as the weather information related to your destination, along with a five-day forecast so you could pack relevant stuff for your trip.

Microsoft said in a blog post,

You can now access all your flight and travel plans at any time, just by asking Cortana “show me my flights” or “show me my trips”. Or you can pull up specific flights in a number of ways, including through a combination of destination, month of trip and airlines — e.g. “show me my flights to Seattle in December with Emirates.” Business travelers would find this a handy way to plan trips with other colleagues headed to the same destination.

On the day of the flight, Cortana monitors the traffic schedule and lets you know of the best time to leave for the airport from home. Once you’re at the airport, it offers users with a venue map so you could get an idea on where to drop off your bags and other stuff. If you’re flying internationally, it even shows you a currency exchange rate.