Cortana search results gain some new intelligence in Windows 10 PCs

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft continues to improve their personal digital assistant for Windows 10, Cortana, with new features and enhancements. Now, it seems the company is improving the search results a little more, offering users with categorized view of the search results, such as apps, settings, files and web. These categories work like filters, helping users refine the search results even more (via Windows Central).

There’s no word about the availability of this update, but it’s showing up for some users — more users will get it in the coming days in places where Cortana is available. In case you don’t know, Microsoft can update the service from the back-end so you are able to receive the changes without downloading any app or updating your system.

As for Windows 10 Mobile, there’s no word if there are any changes available for Cortana on Windows 10 Mobile, but it would be nice if Microsoft could improve the interface — the refined search results are for the desktop version.