Cortana reminders are coming to Xbox One, no release date yet

Jack Wilkinson

Cortana arrived on Microsoft’s gaming console, Xbox One, just over a week ago with the Xbox Summer Update, which brought over many favourite Cortana commands that gamers had been hoping for, however, one thing that didn’t ship with Microsoft’s virtual assistant was reminders. Reminders allow users to tell Cortana to remind them to do something at a certain place or a certain time and she’ll remember to remind them across different Windows 10 devices, including PC and mobile. Unfortunately, at the moment, Xbox One is lacking this ability.

Luckily, though, the Xbox team is aware the feature is missing and it is on their backlog, with work beginning this month to bring it to the console in the future, as reported by WindowsCentral.

In a conversation on Twitter, Zach Johnson, the Principal Software Development Lead for Cortana on Xbox, confirmed it is on the backlog, however, made clear that there’s no set release date for the feature yet:

So for those who make use of Cortana to remind them of things that need doing, in the future it will be possible to be reminded whilst playing a game. Until then, a PC or mobile will be needed to keep those reminders popping up.