Cortana plays rock, paper, scissors and even includes lizard and Spock

Sean Michael

Cortana playing rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock

Could Cortana be your new best friend? Is she the next giant leap toward robot and human communication? Well you’ll have to decide that for yourself but she can play rock, paper, scissors with you now.

Cortana already tells you jokes and can sing songs. She even does impressions, which if you’re in the UK include a very respectable Michael Cain impression, though it’s no Kevin Spacey. She even gets cultural references and humor as made clear by this latest game.

To play the latest found game you just activate Cortana and say “rock, paper, scissors.” She’ll randomly generate an answer with a photo of one of the three choices. It’s on the honor system to keep track of if you beat her or not though.

Cortana rock

There’s one more surprise in store from Cortana on the gaming front. She also plays rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock which is a famous game from the hit TV show the Big Bang Theory. For those who don’t know it works just like rock, paper, scissors but has more options. The only downside is that when you play this version the results don’t have photos.

Microsoft is on top of cultural references and humor and the fact that they added lizard and Spock to the game adds proof to that.