Cortana adds daily trivia facts to her bag of tricks

Sean Michael

Cortana greeting WinBeta

Did you know that today in 2013, astronaut Chris Hadfield released a music video of himself performing David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ aboard the ISS from ACTUAL SPACE!? Well, Cortana did and all I needed to do to find that out was ask her ‘what’s up.’

This daily trivia is the latest trick for Microsoft’s personal assistant who already plays rock, paper, scissors (and even includes Lizard and Spock if you’d like), does impressions (including a surprisingly spot on Michael Caine), sings to you, and tells you jokes.

Cortana trivia

Based on our tip there seems to be a new bit of trivia every day rather than a bank of facts you can access. I asked Cortana ‘what’s up’ multiple times and always got the same piece of trivia so that tip seems to be true.

Some may brush fun add ons like this as frivolous but to me they add a unique personality and style to Cortana who can pull of sarcastic as well as many teenagers. While her most innovative feature will be her inclusion in Windows 10 across a wide variety of devices, it’s fun to see new things added to Microsoft’s personal assistant.

Thanks to Kurosh for the tip.