Cortana more stable in recent builds of Windows Threshold

Zac Bowden


It’s been known for sometime now that Cortana is coming to the next version of Windows, and today information regarding her current state in development builds of Threshold has surfaced. Cortana now works as intended in the latest internal builds of Threshold, and is currently accessed via a standalone app which could eventually tie into the operating system.

Cortana in these early builds is able to perform basic tasks and talk much like the Windows Phone alternative. Neowin reports that Cortana is now available in the more ‘stable branch’ of internal builds, meaning she’s coming along nicely with more chance of her being available when Windows Threshold ships in 2015.

With the Cortana app, you can either type or speak your command much like the Windows Phone alternative. She’s yet to sync settings across phone and PC however, but as it’s early days we expect that feature to be implemented at some point in the future. WinBeta can report via unnamed sources that Cortana will have a tile on the Start Screen for the Modern UI side of Windows Threshold, which will act and respond much like the Windows Phone alternative.

As Cortana matures in Threshold, so does the builds stability overall. The most recent builds are not as buggy as previous ones, meaning a preview release of the operating system later this year is seeming more and more likely. What do you want to see in the preview of Threshold later this year? Leave us your ideas below!