Cortana/Microsoft To-Do integration is now available for non-Insiders in selects markets

Laurent Giret

Over the past couple of months, Microsoft has been trying to create synergies between its different task management solutions. After a beta testing period, the company has just announced that the integration between Cortana and Microsoft To-Do is now rolling to everyone in the US, UK, Australia and India.

Until now, Cortana tasks and reminders used to live in their own separate universe, but not anymore. Thanks to this new integration, all your tasks are now synchronised across Cortana, Outlook tasks and Microsoft To-Do. This also means that you can use Cortana to add items to your different tasks lists in Microsoft To-Do, or ask the digital assistant what are your different reminders for the day.


To try the integration, make sure to to add your or Office 365 account as a connected service in Cortana settings. As for Microsoft To-Do, the app is available on all platforms including the web, but it doesn’t ship with Windows 10 yet. This will likely change soon as it’s quickly becoming a core productivity app for Microsoft.