Cortana in India to come to Windows Insiders first

Kellogg Brengel

Cortana in India to come to Windows Insiders first

Microsoft has previously detailed how they aren’t blindly rolling out Cortana, but are making sure that she is specifically suited and tailored to each new market so when people use Cortana, they feel like she is a citizen of that country.

To that end, the Times of India is reporting that Windows users in India are going to have to wait a little longer for Cortana.

However, Vineet Durani, director of Microsoft’s Window Business Group in India, has said that

“Cortana will be made available to [Windows] Insiders in the coming weeks and then later to consumers.”

With Windows 10 now officially released, it looks like going forward under the Windows as a Service model, the Windows Insider program will be used as a test bed for new features and their market specific deployments.

Although Cortana is currently not available in India, Microsoft has been described as placing big bets there with Microsoft stores and their phone business. Of which, Cortana and Continuum are key components that Microsoft is dedicated to bringing to users’ experience regardless of which device they are on.

Hopefully Windows users in India won’t have to wait too long before robust services like Cortana start rolling out to such an important segment of its global business.