Cortana wants you to have a great and enjoyable Christmas with new seasonal interactions

Sean Cameron

Cortana gets into the Christmas spirit with new seasonal interactions

As any high-flying executive can tell you, having a personal assistant is simply no fun without the quick-fire banter. As such, the slew of digital offerings from Microsoft, Google, and Apple have often felt a little flat in comparison to their original promise.

Despite this, Cortana, arguably the most ‘human’ personal assistant, has gotten a little more personable with ‘her’ latest update, adding a number of new Christmas-themed interactions to get users in the holiday mood before the big day arrives. Among the new phrases, users can ask Cortana “where is Santa?”, “do you like Christmas?” and “sing me a Christmas song”. Users can also ask, “what do you want for Christmas?” or simply declare, “happy/merry Christmas!”

Along side working with NORAD to track Santa, Redmond is clearly getting into the Christmas spirit this year, indeed they have much to celebrate. Windows Phone users with Cortana installed can now indulge in this holiday whimsy, even if only for a quick chuckle on the side.

Will you be having a Christmas conversations with Cortana? Let us know in the comments below.