Cortana gains Microsoft Health integration

Hammad Saleem

Cortana is an important part of Windows 10, and the company is trying their best to make sure the digital assistant can work with almost all their apps and services. According to a new report, Microsoft has started offering Microsoft Health integration with Cortana to help you track several fitness-related metrics such as the calorie count, steps taken, etc.
Although the feature may not be available for users across the globe, the new feature can be found in Cortana’s connected accounts page where it shows integrations of the digital assistant with apps such as Uber, LinkedIn, Office 365, and Xbox Live. As it can be seen from the image below, it also shows the number of steps take and calories burnt.
Cortana Microsoft Health
Microsoft is working hard to bring third party integrations to Cortana. Microsoft Health is not available for users across the globe, but it still is a decent addition to the list. We’re hoping that Microsoft will roll out this feature for more users and regions in the coming months.