Cortana for Android updated with new birthday reminder skill, support for multiple calendars

Mark Coppock

Cortana for Android

Cortana for Android is an excellent tool for making your smartphone work better with your Windows 10 machines. Reminders, calendars, notifications, and more sync across Android devices and Windows 10, meaning you can get access to the millions of Android apps while leveraging the strengths of Windows 10.

Today, Cortana for Android received an update to version 1.9.12 with a number of nice additions and fixes:

In V1.9.12, Cortana has learned a new skill and improved her performance and stability:
– Birthday reminder: never miss a friend’s birthday again.
– Cortana can now connect to multiple calendars for you
– Improved meeting retrieval experience
– Improved location –based reminder accuracy
Fixed several crash bugs

Go to Google Play and hit the update button. Download Cortana on your Android device via the link below.

Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant
Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant