Windows Phone digital assistant Cortana expected to support Spanish soon

Hammad Saleem

Cortana expected to come with Spanish support soon

One of the highly anticipated features introduced with Windows Phone 8.1 update was Cortana. The digital personal assistant first launched in the US, and later made its way to the UK and China as Beta. It’s also available as an alpha in India, Canada and Australia, but it seems it will get support for Spanish in the coming months as well.

Microsoft’s Latin America News Center posted an article comparing Siri and Cortana, confirming that support for Spanish may arrive soon. Here’s a rough extract from the post, thanks to Bing Translate, hinting at its launch in a new language:

Increasingly lack which Cortana reach the Windows Phone in our region, in Spanish language. She is the only digital assistant that knows you and creates a relationship with you based on your activities, habits and hobbies and communicates with you when you pass something that may be of interest to you.

There’s no official word about the rollout, but it shouldn’t take too long now. In the meantime, you can take a look at the video below which compares Siri and Cortana in Spanish.