Cortana enhancement app Cortanium updated on Windows 10

Mark Coppock

Cortanium app

Cortana is a pretty powerful personal digital assistant by most measures and offers up some serious personality to go along with it. To make sure that Cortana’s value is maximized, Microsoft built in the ability for third-party apps to plug in and use Cortana’s intelligence for custom developer experiences. Cortanium is one such app and received an update recently that enables some much-requested functionality.
Just in case you’re unaware of this app and its capabilities, here’s a breakdown:

Ready to take your device to the next level by leveraging the power of Cortana? You’ve come to the right place!
Cortanium adds over 25 new commands to Cortana, to use with voice or text, making your experience even simpler and more intuitive!
Easily do things via Cortana like get movie and TV recommendations, get today’s horoscope, check in a document in SharePoint, see how much OneDrive space you have available, or even get your Microsoft Band information, Xbox gamer information, and do a quick Foursquare check in!
There are tons of great things you can do with Cortanium and lots more to come! Enjoy!
– Add new and helpful commands to Cortana! Ask Cortana to:
– Get movie and TV show recommendations!
– Get the latest NFL game predictions!
– Get your daily horoscope!
– Get your OneDrive storage information!
– Easily view and check in SharePoint documents!
– Get random interesting facts!
– Easily create new and random passwords!
– Quickly check in to Foursquare or even get your Klout scores!
– Interact with your Microsoft Band!
– Get your Microsoft Health or Fitbit summary!
– Get your latest Xbox gamer statistics!
– Save your current location for later reference!
– Easily shutdown, restart, suspend, and log off your device! (non-ARM devices only)
– Search for locations, contacts, restaurants, etc. and automatically add them to your Contacts!
– Integrate Contact Search with your Microsoft and Exchange accounts!
– See what’s trending on Twitter in your area!
– Get your current elevation!
– Discover other secret commands!
– Request additional commands to be added!

The most recent update adds the ability to Shutdown, Restart, Suspend, and Log Off using Cortana.
For a $1.99 app, Cortanium offers to significantly expand Cortana’s functionality, and it’s a Universal Windows app and so runs on both Windows 10 desktops and Windows 10 Mobile devices. Check it out at the link below if you’d like to see just how powerful Cortana can become.

Developer: Liquid Daffodil
Price: Free

Update: If you’re having issues getting Cortanium to work, then here’s what you might be missing. You need to go into the app and click on the hamburger menu from the main page. Click “Change Phrase” to see what the cue is to use Cortanium, and change it to your own phrase if you so desire.
Cortanium Settings
Go into Cortanium’s settings and confirm the cue phrase to use in initiating the app’s functionality.

Then, when you want to use Cortanium’s special commands, first call Cortana with the usual “Hey Cortana,” then use the cue phrase, then the desired command. For me, my phrase is “help me,” so to use Cortanium I say something like: “Hey Cortana help me recommend a TV show.” If you’re successful, you should see Cortanium-created results like the following
Cortanium Results
Here is an example of successful Cortanium usage.