Is Cortana coming to Windows 8x? Job listing suggests it’s possible


Is Cortana coming to Windows 8x? Job listing suggests it's possible

Cortana debuted with Windows Phone 8.1, and is a direct competitor to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Now/OK Google feature. The digital assistant attempts to helps users find information in all sorts of ways, but for the moment, you need to be on Microsoft’s mobile platform. 

According to a new job listing spotted by LiveSide, the description reads “Being part of the Cortana team you will have the opportunity to push the frontier, redefine the personalization experience on Windows”, the listing states. 

There is a long list of requirements to find the qualified person to lead this, but it is an intriguing prospect. Google has begun introducing its Now features into Chrome, starting with the cutting-edge Canary builds, but there is no telling how Microsoft plans to implement Cortana. There is also no way of knowing how far off this is. Given that the company is only just hiring now, you can expect a wait before this comes to fruition.