Cortana celebrates May the Fourth

Kellogg Brengel

As we’ve been reporting this morning, today is a special day for Star Wars fans. May the 4th marks the unofficial annual celebration of all things Star Wars because the date sounds so similar to the iconic saying from the movies, “may the force be with you.”

And now it looks like Cortana is getting in on the fun of celebrating Star Wars. The digital assistant’s greeting when you first open the app has been changed to “May the Fourth be with you, [your name]. Cortana’s bouncing circle avatar has also gained the addition of Yoda’s ears.

Cortana May the Fourth
Screenshot from Windows 10 build 14332

The special greeting may show up only on the first time the app opens, and may not stay up for very long. And so, you’ll want to watch closely. The greeting showed up on both of the author’s desktop PCs running the production build of Windows 10 and on his Lumia 950XL running build 14332.

Any fan of Star Wars should enjoy seeing the fun greeting, but overall it is these little features that add up to making Cortana a more fun to use and personable digital assistant. Hopefully, with the Windows 10 Anniversary update, Cortana will gain even more personality to help make Microsoft’s digital assistant stand out from the competition in an increasingly crowded field.