Cortana can now help you celebrate "special days"

Michael Cottuli

Cortana has been adding plenty of new features since its inception, and it’s added in yet another. Now, just in time for the holiday season, Cortana can help you celebrate “special days”. Now, as long as you stay opted into the feature in Cortana’s settings, you can have it so that Cortana will offer up greetings, games, and some other miscellaneous activities to make your day a touch more festive.
With Cortana being touted as a true “personal assistant,” the festive addition is a nice touch. Especially with the holiday season knocking on our door, it’s nice to remember that we can make our handsets a part of that trademark holiday cheer we’ve all come to know and love. We aren’t sure exactly to what extent Cortana is going to help us celebrate, but really, any recognition of the holidays from our favorite personal assistant is sure to brighten our day.