Cortana is just as talented as her rival cousins Siri and Google Now

Zac Bowden


Although Cortana is only available in a limited number of markets, Microsoft has done a pretty good job with making her rather talented when it comes to the competition. In fact, she’s so talented that Cortana can do at least 50 things that her rival cousins can, which is definitely impressive for a personal assistant which is still in beta!

Cortana is definitely impressive. She’s witty, smart, funny and actually sounds human (in some parts of the world at least). Cortana is probably the most capable virtual assistant out of the big three, currently beating Siri and Google Now to a bunch of tasks and abilities. PhoneBuff has compiled a video showcasing just how spectacular Cortana is compared to the other rival assistants.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think. As a Cortana user, I can admit I had some problems with her at first, but when she works, she works great. I reckon Cortana can blow Siri and Google Now right out of the water, but what do you think? Leave us your comments below.