Cortana App for iOS now available in Japan

Dave W. Shanahan


According to the Microsoft Blog in Japan (via, the Cortana app on iOS was released in Japan today. Microsoft details some commands that iOS users can use to get acquainted with Cortana’s search capabilities and functions on iOS.

Now in Japan, Cortana is showing off all of her capabilities to a whole new region of the world receiving thousands more questions and gathering more data than ever to better know its users in a new language in a new country. Instead of using Siri, Japanese iOS users can now turn to Cortana for their all their questions and try to be the better, more intuitive personal assistant. With Cortana for iOS in Japan, iOS users can set reminders, add appointments to your calendar, give restaurant recommendations, or update users with the latest transit information.

Here is a list of options and commands that Japanese users can use or ask with Cortana on iOS:

  • Weather and Earthquake: “weather of Sapporo,” “Did we have an earthquake in Tokyo?”
  • Finance: “Microsoft’s stock price?”
  • News: “entertainment news”, “Political News”
  • Calculation: “12800 ÷ 5” “15 $”
  • Calendar: “What is scheduled tomorrow”, “meeting the 15 at setting of the Shibata-san”
  • Chatter: “hobby?”

Check out the Japanese Cortana app on iOS.

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  (Here’s the Japanese version in case you’re redirected)