Cortana on Android updated with new reminder functionality, better “Hey Cortana” performance

Kit McDonald

At the beginning of the year, Android users were upset to notice that Microsoft had removed the “Hey Cortana” feature. For many Windows 10 users, this is the bread and butter of the personal assistant’s functionality. The ease of being able to ask Cortana the time, date, weather, traffic report, and to set a reminder without the touch of a button has nearly limitless efficiency. It wasn’t until six months later in June 2016 that Microsoft re-enabled the “Hey Cortana” in the Android application.

Today, Microsoft has updated their favorite AI for Android, including some tweaks to improve the voice recognition and reponses. Also, Cortana is now able to use the reminders feature that Windows 10 users have grown so attached too.

With Cortana version 1.9.0 we have:
– Ask Cortana to remember things for you and she’ll save it in your reminders
– Overall improvements to the experience including improving the “Hey Cortana” functionality
While the new version might seem a bit lackluster, it’s a step in the right direction for Cortana to merge easier onto the Google-driven devices. Meanwhile, on  the Windows 10 application, we’ve seen Cortana asking for users to put requests in for Android apps to be converted to the Universal Windows Platform.

Download Cortana from the Google Play store or let her update and take her for a spin. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about the improvements for her voice recognition.
Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant
Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant