Cortana for Android updated with “experimental” new home screen

Mark Coppock

Cortana continues to make advancements, both in Windows 10 and cross-platform on iOS and Android. Clearly, Microsoft wants its personal digital assistant to run everywhere, and with that in mind, they continue to make improvements in each platform–at least as far as those platforms allow Cortana to be integrated. Today, Microsoft pushed an update to Cortana on Android, making a fairly noticeable change to the home screen.

The changelog is a little cryptic:

Cortana home redesign experiment.

What this translates to is a new home screen that offers up a more actionable first-step rather than going straight into Cortana’s usual news feed. That’s still available by clicking on the right-hand icon below, but now an Android user can make more immediate use of Cortana.

Old Cortana startup screenOld Cortana startup screen
Old Cortana startup screen.

New Cortana startup screen
New Cortana startup screen.

It’s a minor, but very noticeable, change in how Cortana presents herself. We continue to enjoy the work Microsoft is doing with Cortana on all platforms and look forward to seeing where the company takes the personal digital assistant going forward.

Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant
Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant