Cortana for Android adds Windows 10 notification syncing

Brad Stephenson

The ability to display and interact with Windows 10 notifications on an Android-powered device was teased a few months ago during a presentation at Build 2016 and it appears to have begun rolling out to some users already.

A Reddit user, Jihoff80, first noticed the feature being enabled on his device earlier today and while he assumes his getting the feature had something to do with him being in the Windows Insider and Cortana for Android test programs, another user, who isn’t part of the test programs, claimed that they also got it working by downloading the Android application package file (APK) from

The Windows 10 notifications are powered by Cortana on Android devices and allow for notification mirroring and universal dismissing between Windows 10 PCs and Android devices linked to the same account. A user could, for example, dismiss a Skype notification on their Android device and have it be automatically dismissed on their Windows 10 PC at the same time.

It’s still early days but it does seem as if it’s only a matter of time before the feature rolls out to other users. Do you have Windows 10 notification syncing on your Android device? Let us know in the comments below.