Cortana Analytics grabs a ride on the way to 763 miles per hour

Mark Coppock

Cortana‘s claim to fame is acting as a digital assistant for a whole host of devices and platforms, from Windows 10 PCs and smartphones to those running iOS and Android. To date, tens if not hundreds of millions of people have access to Cortana’s help and humor in running searches, setting reminders, tracking packages, and a number of other helpful functions.

However, Cortana, the digital assistant is really just one part of an overarching suite of Microsoft “big data” solutions. Specifically, the Cortana Analytics Suite, pulls together Azure, Power BI, SQL Server, and other Microsoft products. For enterprise, Cortana Analytics is the framework for analyzing data and build out customer solutions using the Cortana Analytics Suite.

Cortana Analytics
Cortana Analytics.

One of Cortana Analytics’ more exciting applications lately is its use in gathering and analyzing millions of bits of information on test runs of a modified F-104 Starfighter jet aircraft that’s part of a mission to break the World Land Speed Record of 763 MPH. The team behind the record attempt has published a video outlining the role of Cortana Analytics.

Clearly, the ability to gather massive amounts of data in real-time is key to such a feat as slamming a modified fighter aircraft on wheels down a desert track on the way to over 763 MPH. Monitoring fuel, engine performance, massive pressures, and all sorts of other vital data could be the difference between success and failure. In fact, it’s a matter of life and death in this situation.

The team behind the attempt put it this way in the “Risks and challenges” section of their Kickstarter page:

There are inherent risks with any project, and this one is no exception. Safety is of course at the forefront of everything that we are trying to do. There can be factors that fall outside of our control, especially when it comes to weather. Delays are always a possibility, as we want to ensure ideal conditions to run the car. We have a superb team of engineers and team members who are dedicated to making this car run, and we are confident in the vehicle to reach these speeds.

Cortana Analytics will play a key role in minimizing those risks and keeping the car–and its driver–alive and racing. All we can say is, go Cortana!